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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Hi Fellow Bloggers
No new card from me today.  Just spent gawd knows how long putting inserts and sorting envelopes for a stack of christmas cards I had made.  Note to self - do the inserts as I go along.  Trouble is I am too impatient, always wanting to move onto the next card.  This sound familiar to anyone?
Well, only another week before my holidays.  As it was our 25th wedding anniversary in September hubby booked us a Caribbean Cruise for two weeks.  Totally surprised me as he did it all by himself, picked the location, the cruise company and everything.  He wanted it to be a surprise and it really was.  So hopefully will see some lovely sunshine and get a bit of a tan.  Trouble is when we get back on November 12th will be frightfully cold.
Enough of my ramblings for now.  Will probably get a card or two done over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for new uploads.  Ordered some flowers from wild orchard crafts and they came today so seems a shame not to put them to use.
Bye for now

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