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Friday, 9 March 2012

A super award

This evening I was surprised and delighted to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by two lovely ladies,  Kate from Downrightcrafty and Velma from Snowflakes1.

Now as always this award comes with its rules, so here we go
"If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. 
  •  Select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Now as always that is such a hard task.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award .
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 
It was very difficult choosing just 15 blogs to pass this award onto.  All the blogs I follow inspire me in so many different ways.  But this is the list that I came up with.

And here are the seven things about me.
My favourite flower is the Lily (any type, any colour)
I have 4 tattoos
I have run in two London marathons
My favourite author is Stephen King
I have seen Meat Loaf in concert five times
I don't do cooking (my hubby does all the cooking in our house and wonderful it is too)
I love hot chocolate made with hot milk and have to have a cup every day

Thanks again to Kate and Velma for the award.  Better go and do some visiting now to pass on the award


Rebekah said...

Thank you for nominating me sweetie! Hugs Rebekah xx

Cor* said...

Mags! Aren't you the sweetest !!! Thanks so much! Mwah mwah Mwah! I will wear it with pride! And follow the rulz....although I'm not very good with roolz!! LOL Take Care.

Aunty Sue said...

oh wow Mags thanks for nominating me will get onto it and think of 7 things

Lisa Jane said...

Oh thank you for nominating me .. that is so kind of you - and i loved reading your 7 facts .
I am away all week so wont get round to passing it on straight away
Thanks once again
Lisa x

downrightcrafty said...

very well deserved and I adore Lillies too, I love the highly scented ones, I have a raised bed with tons in they have to go in there as the husband is allergic to the smell of them :)
enjoy your weekend
Kate xx

Linda Palmer said...

Thanks for nominating me. It may be several days before I get it posted. I just last month and this month received 5 other awards and haven't got them all posted so far, haven't had time to work them in with other postings but I will get it done. Love this award as it is more personal. Thanks again.

Susan Flynn said...

Thanks Mags so much I am really touched that you have chosen me as one of your blogs - big hugs. I will post it in the next few days but thank you so much I am really honoured xx

Wendy said...

Thanks for thinking of me mags, feel very honoured to have been picked...enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Wendy xx

Joey said...

Awwwwww Mags thankyou so much for passing this onto me :)))) I am well chuffed, I will write up my post for it as soon as my kiddies are in bed. Thanks so much hun. Joey xxx

Joey said...

ps: Congrats on recieving it too xxx

Flowergirl said...

Congrats on your award, well deserved! And a BIG thank you for nominating me! I'm thrilled that you have chosen my little blog for one x

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x
Wendy x

Shelby said...

That's so sweet of you to nominate me and I'm very flattered:)!


Regan said...

Mags, thank you for the blog award! I am so flattered that I made your list! I'm bad about reposting these but I will try! :) Thank you again for the honor!